Find innovative networked business models, organize them in a portfolio, and prioritize them for further exploration and understanding.

Represent your networked business model in terms of end users and enterprises, as well as the things of economic value they exchange with each other.

Assign economic value to the things exchanged, set pricing models, the number of customer needs, the actors involved and investments.

Calculate the net value flow in the networked business model for all actors involved, evaluate changes in participating actors, and increase of prices.

Grow your business over time. Add additional customers, change price points, or increase sales. See the effects on the net value flow for all actors involved.
The e3value methodology is a step wise approach to develop business models for networked value constellations. These constellations are networks of enteprises who offer something of economic value to end users. Networks consist of end users (the customers), suppliers, and the suppliers of these suppliers.

The website presenting the research on e3value can be found here.